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Promotion and Tenure - Review Timetable - 2013-2014

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9/11 Dr. Bowen's Presentation for indivuduals who are new to our P & T process (committee members, administrative support staff, administrators) (10:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M. - 117 HUB Robeson Auditorium).
9/12 College-wide informational workshop for P&T candidates and new faculty members. (9:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M. - Stavely Conference Room (202 Hammond).
9/15 Department Heads discuss possible early tenure cases with the Dean.
9/20 Department heads provide the Dean's Office with membership lists for department promotion and tenure committees, together with a statement of procedures for forming those committees (or a written statement that procedures have not changed since last year) as well as the department's criteria. (Guidelines, Section IV.D and Section II.A.2).
10/4 NOTE: Changes in established procedures must be adopted formally by the faculty, approved by the Dean and by the Provost, prior to this date.
10/11 Department heads submit 4th-and formal 5th-year dossier and 5th-year progress reports to the Dean's office.
10/18 Dean submits 4th & 5th year materials to college committee.
10/18 A preliminary copy of all tenure and promotion dossiers delivered to the Dean's office (HR office) for review of format and general preparations.
11/8 College Committee Chair forwards signed recommendations on 4th- and formal 5th-year tenure reviews to the Dean via the HR office (101 Hammond). These must include the number of votes in favor of and opposed to each recommendation and the number of abstentions, if any, and a listing of the committee members.
11/22 By 5:00 P.M., Friday, November 22, 2013, Department Heads submit promotion and tenure dossiers to the Dean via the HR Office (101G Hammond).

Department Head includes his/her signed recommendation, and forwards it with the department committee's recommendation to the Dean's office (HR) with documentation of the basis for each recommendation. Documentation must cover criteria set forth by the College and the University, and the material must be in the approved format.

If both the Department Head and the department committee reach a negative recommendation for an individual, the Dean may make a negative decision without submitting the dossier to the College committee. The Dean will notify the faculty member involved, in writing, in the case of tenure decisions. Written notification is not given to faculty members in the case of negative promotion decisions.

For promotion and for sixth-year tenure reviews, if the Department Head and/or the Department Review Committee have a positive recommendation, the Dean forwards the recommendation to the Committee for further consideration.
12/2 Dean forwards tenure and promotion dossiers to college committee.
12/3 4th year reviews completed and candidate notified.
1/2 College Committee Chair provides signed recommendations, including votes and list of committee members to the Dean.
3/3 All college-level reviews for promotion and final tenure completed; Dean forwards all positive recommendations to the University Promotion and Tenure Committee via the Office of Human Resources. For negative tenure decisions, the Dean notifies faculty members in writing. The Dean notifies all candidates for promotion and tenure whether or not their dossiers have been forwarded to the University committee.
3/28 Department Heads submit 2nd-and special 3rd year reviews to Dean's office.
5/2 Dean completes review.
5/3 All final decisions on promotion and tenure completed by the President, based on recommendations of the Executive Vice President/Provost; all candidates notified of the results of reviews.