VIRUS: Filovirus - Ebola

Ebola is a fast-acting deadly virus that is practically identical to Marburg virus. Periodic outbreaks have occured in Zaire, Sudan and Uganda. Transmission between humans occurs by direct contact with infected blood or pulmonary secretions, and by inhalation. Case fatality rates are between 22% and 88%. The ultimate reservoir appears to be rodents, bats, or monkeys.
Type Communicable
Disease Symptom hemorrhagic fever
Point of Infection Upper Respiratory Tract
Incubation Period 7 days
Duration of Illness 7-21 days
Peak Infectiousness  
LD50 / ID50  
Secondary Infection Rate High
Annual Cases (US) Rare
Annual Fatalities Rare
Type single-stranded RNA-
Size (microns) .05-.30 microns (min)
Geometry enveloped helical
Spores None
Spore Size None
Optimum Growth Temperature NA
Survival Temperature Range  
Relative Humidity Range  
Filterability Low
UVGI Sensitivity  
Thermal Sensitivity  
Dehumidification Sensitivity  
Oxygenation Sensitivity  
Effective Biocides  

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