Student Organizations

You may think that student organizations are primarily for undergraduate students but at Penn State this couldn’t be farther from the truth. These groups enrich your Penn State experience and provide a network of support that help you strike that balance between your academic and social pursuits.

Engineering Graduate Student Council

The purpose of the Engineering Graduate Student Council is to promote and enhance graduate studies within the College of Engineering through professional development activities, and to provide a forum for communication between graduate students, faculty, and administration within the College of Engineering. More

Penn State Graduate and Professional Student Association

The Graduate and Professional Student Association is a University-level organization that aims to represent and support the interests of the University’s current and future graduate and professional student community by supporting scholarly activities and providing leadership, service, and social opportunities. More

Other Organzations

In addition to organizations dedicated to the needs of graduate students you can choose from the more than 50 engineering student organizations and 1,000+ Penn State student organizations.