Engineering Design

As our society and its systems grow evermore complex, engineers must consider an increasing number of variables, requiring a greater need for design-specific knowledge. Whether you plan to pursue a career in academia or industry, engineering design is a promising field of study.

Leading universities across the U.S. have turned their eye toward the process of engineering design as a viable area of deep research and innovation. Forward-thinking universities across the United States have already begun to offer graduate programs in Engineering Design. Penn State’s College of Engineering, with its storied history at the forefront of multi-disciplinary education, research, and service, is poised to take a leadership role in this emerging field.

Additionally, business leaders spanning a wide range of industries increasingly recognize the value of engineering design excellence. This recognition has already sparked the creation of a new class of jobs that focus on human/technology interfaces, information architecture, consumer trend analysis, and process innovation, and include career paths such as product designer, corporate design/innovation leader, and entrepreneur.

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Contact Information:

Penn State Engineering Design

Dr. Matthew Parkinson

Program Director

Penn State School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs

213K Hammond Building

University Park, PA 16802


Degrees offered:

Master of Engineering in Engineering Design (M.Eng.)

Master of Science in Engineering Design (M.S.)

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