IT Information

The College of Engineering Information Technology team provides the following resources to allow for our students, faculty, and staff to continue to perform many of their work and education functions remotely.

File Storage

OneDrive and Box can be accessed via a web browser. Penn State OneDrive can be found at Box is at

To ensure compliance with Penn State Policy AD 95, those working on a personally owned computer should use the web interface rather than syncing to their device.

Access to these sites will require Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Check that your information is up to date (including adding cell phone number, home phone, and Duo push options if you would like to use them to verify your identity) at

Remote Access

For faculty and staff, if you must connect to your Penn State-issued desktop computer, you can do so via Virtual Private Network and with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Reach out to your department technical contact for assistance with either VPN or RDP.

The university’s information classification policy remains in effect. Specifically, Level 3 and Level 4 data must be stored on a College of Engineering network drive or in a Box non-person account in accordance with an approved Authority to Operate (ATO) agreement.

Desk Phone

Your office desk phone can be forwarded to another number or play an alternate greeting for callers. The links below provide step-by-step instructions.

Student Online Learning

All students can access software commonly found on computer lab machines (such as MATLAB, Minitab, Microsoft Access) at

Students in some departments can also access specialized software via Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Steps to use VDI can be found at Note that not all departments are participating. Students can attempt to log in to check whether their area has an entitlement.

Students who use in-person labs can find information regarding access at (Penn State login required). Please note that some departments may not be participating.

Online Collaboration Tools

Students, faculty, and staff seeking online collaboration tools have several options. These include:

Online Learning Resources

For those who have never been enrolled in an online course, visit

Faculty in need of assistance with moving to teaching classes online can access contingency plans and continuity of instruction resources from both the college and the University: