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As the establishment of a new college in Cambridge was becoming a reality, Sir Winston Churchill met with American friends to ask them to create a way for young Americans to study at the college. Among those friends was Lewis W. Douglas, a graduate of Amherst College and of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who served as the U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain from 1947 to 1950. Carl Gilbert, chairman of the Gillette Company, was the first Chairman of the Foundation.

The first Churchill Scholarships, three in number, were awarded in 1963 and funded one year of study. Shortly thereafter the Scholarships were available either for one-year programs or for the three-year doctorate at Cambridge. In the early 1980?s the Foundation decided to support only one-year programs in order to increase the number of Churchill Scholars.

In its early years the Foundation also made small travel grants to Churchill Fellows, distinguished senior faculty who would spend one year at the College. Eight of the Churchill Fellows won the Nobel Prize.

There have now been more than four hundred fifty Churchill Scholars. This site has a database that lists all Churchill Scholars, their undergraduate institutions, and their departments at the University of Cambridge.

The Winston Churchill Foundation awards at least fourteen Scholarships. The one-year awards lead to the Master of Philosophy (MPhil), the Certificate of Post-Graduate Study (CPGS in a only a few fields of study), the Master of Advanced Study in Mathematics (MASM, formerly known as CASM, the Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics).


US Citizen between ages of 18 and 23
Must be a senior
Exceptional academic achievement in all disciplines, but especially in the major, as indicated by course grades (previous Scholars have had a GPA of at least 3.7).

Terms of Award:

At least fourteen Churchill Scholarships are offered annually.

Please note that each institution participating in the Churchill Scholarship Program may nominate only two candidates for the Churchill Scholarship and sets its own internal deadline for its local review of the Churchill Scholarship application and nomination of the two candidates selected. Please be sure to check with your Scholarship Advisor the procedures and campus deadline for the Churchill Scholarship.

The University Fellowships Office (UFO) assists qualified Penn State students with the process of competing for prestigious scholarships

Please Submit:

Materials that must be submitted to the Fellowships Office:

1. One (1) completed and signed Churchill Foundation Application Form.
2. Four (4) letters of reference -- The Foundation requests four academic recommendations from teachers, laboratory directors, and others with whom you have pursued your research and studies. Please do not request recommendations from teachers in fields not related to your research in science, engineering, or mathematics (e.g., history, literature, or philosophy), and please do not submit personal recommendations (e.g., from clergy, directors of charitable organizations, etc.).
3. Aplply to the University of Cambridge

For more information: Director of University Fellowships Office

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