Scholarship Thank You Letter Guidelines for Students

For most donors, one of the most rewarding experiences of giving to the College of Engineering is the thanks they receive from those individuals who have benefited from their generosity. This is particularly true for those individuals who provide scholarships, as their greatest wish in doing so is to provide meaningful help to students. Therefore, when writing a thank you letter, consider the following format and content for the body of the letter.

Additional Guidelines

It is best if you type your letter on good quality paper, and sign in ink at the bottom. Remember that those reading your handwriting may be much older than you, may have trouble reading small print, or may simply not be able to decipher your handwriting. Further, as the scholarship was a financial arrangement, a letter is the appropriate response. Most importantly, be sure that the tone and content of your letter are suited to the task, and that you remember first and foremost that the donors have given to the College so that they may help students, and that they want to hear about you, and hope that their aid will help you to succeed.