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11th/12th Grade High School


Experience Engineering!

Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science (TEAMS) is an annual competition for middle and high school students designed to help them discover their potential for engineering.

During this one-day competition, students apply math and science knowledge in practical, creative ways to solve real-world engineering challenges.

TEAMS sparks excitement by:

Providing an integrated STEM learning experience
Allowing students a unique inside look at problem solving from an engineer?s viewpoint
Increasing students? self-confidence in solving complex problems while working on a team
Inspiring students to consider engineering majors and careers


4-8 person team. Team members must be in grades 9-12 but can be from one class, several classes, a school club or group (i.e. Boy/Girl Scouts, 4-H, Junior Achievement, etc.).

Terms of Award:

You can win cash, trophies, medals, participation certificates... not to mention bragging rights that your team is one of the best in the country! Each team will receive recognition on competition day, state rankings and national rankings. Top ranking state teams will receive 'Best in State' awards and the top scoring teams in the nation will be named 'Best Overall' and receive a cash prize.

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