Online Application Form for Special Living Options for College of Engineering Students
First-Year Students ONLY

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a returning Penn State student, do NOT complete this form. Returning students who wish to move to EASI House, E-House, or WISE House must first request a housing contract. If your request for a housing contract is granted, you must then request EASI House, E-House, or WISE House on the housing contract.

If you are a first-year student interested in FISE House, EASI House, E-House, or WISE House, please complete the form below:









Housing First Choice:

Housing Second Choice:

Housing Third Choice:

Housing Fourth Choice:

The essay section entry below may be brief but must address your desire to live in a special living option and how you plan to take advantage of the uniqueness of the Special Living Option that you are requesting. Demonstrate that you understand the participation requirements that make Special Living Options different from regular housing. Write the essay and check for spelling errors.