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Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Think you know about agricultural and biological engineering? Think again. Agricultural and biological engineering is so much more than it used to be. It’s the nexus of science, technology, and business. It prepares you to be leaders in growing the bio- and agriculture-based economies in industries such as energy, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health and safety, and so much more.

One of the hallmarks of Penn State’s agricultural and biological engineering graduate program is flexibility: to collaborate, to research, to learn, to grow, to succeed.

You may select research projects and supporting course work from a wide range of interest areas that match faculty research expertise in areas such as:

  • Renewable biofuels development and market opportunity
  • Phytosanitary technology for bioproducts
  • Biomass supply chain logistics
  • Food system waste reduction
  • Ecosystem service business models
  • Biorefinery value chain product/market development
  • Lignin characterization and novel uses
  • Machine systems for biomass/bioenergy production and feedstock logistics
  • Agricultural safety and health
  • Bioproducts development and marketing
  • Bioparticulates analysis
Application Information

Contact Information:

Penn State Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Dr. Virendra Puri

Agricultural and Biological Engineering Graduate Program Coordinator

229 Agricultural Engineering

University Park, PA 16802


Dr. Paul Smith

BioRenewable Systems Graduate Program Coordinator

201 Agricultural Engineering

University Park, PA 16802


Degrees offered:

Master of Science in Agricultural and Biological Engineering (M.S.)

Master of Science in BioRenewable Systems (M.S.)

Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural and Biological Engineering (Ph.D.)

Doctor of Philosophy in BioRenewable Systems (Ph.D.)

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