Frequently Asked Questions

What are SWE points?
SWE points track how active each Penn State SWE member is for any given semester. SWE points are assigned to each PSU SWE event and are tracked by the Executive Director. SWE points can lead to end of year scholarships!

How do I become an active member?
Penn State SWE members must receive 3 points in each of the following categories: corporate, social, and service. Points can be acquired by attending or volunteering at events designated for a specific categories. All events listed in SWE news will list a specific point category.

What is my SWE number and how can i find it?
Your SWE number is a unique membership ID for the National SWE Organization. Go to and login in at the top of the page. After logging in, your SWE number should be shown below your login in name.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Please email with additional questions!

Where is the SWE office?
The SWE office is located in 113 Hammond Building. If you do not have access to the SWE office and need to get in, please ring the bell.

How do I join the listserv?
To join the listserv please fill out the PSU SWE membership form here: already linked on the main page.  Additionally, email the secretary at

How do I join National SWE?
Navigate to the National SWE page here: . To get the best deal, register for the Collegiate to Career Membership. This includes membership for all Undergraduate and Graduate years as well as the first year after school.