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Sinead Guerrin-
Favorite PSU Memory: Homecoming 2010 and winning!
Company: Honeywell
Position and Job Requirements:I am a project supervisor for energy retrofits. Honeywell looks into schools, town halls, police stations, fire stations, and other municipal buildings to analyze ways that the buildings can be more energy efficent i.e. HVAC replacement, lighting, water use, etc etc. I oversee the implementation of these projects and deal with any issues our clients or contractors may have so I am on a job site everyday, I don't work in an office which is really nice.
Favorite Place to Study on Campus: Dunkin Donuts across from hammond
Advice: Not that I can think of but they can feel free to contact me with any questions about my job or how I survived engineering at 8456428543 or guerin.sinead@gmail.com. I'll probably be around campus and SWE events during Homecoming and THON =)

Dana Day-
Favorite PSU Memory:Attending Penn State Leadershape, realizing my overall goals and learning what it meant to be a leader
Company: The Boeing Company
Position and Job Requirements:747-8 Production Support Engineer.
I am an airplane doctor to the 747-8 airplane - I come up with creative, structural solutions to fix problems during build/ production so that the airplane can roll out of the factory equal or better than the original drawing intent.
Advice: Don't settle, constantly strive to achieve great things!

Kelly Bird-
Favorite PSU Memory: Any night being able to find my friends whenever I needed them.
Company: STV Incorporated
Position and Job Requirements:Civil Designer
Favorite Place to Study on Campus: ASCE Lounge
Advice: You've heard it before but it bears repeating--stay involved!

Heather Thomas-
Favorite PSU Memory: It is difficult to choose just one memory! I loved the everyday togetherness of being with my roommates, SWE meetings, football games, THON, and enjoying the beauty of campus. Walking across the stage at graduation was a surreal and rewarding experience, but my favorite memory is walking in the Homecoming parade holding SWE's banner. It was an awesome experience to see the entire parade route and wave to all of the people. My face hurt at the end from smiling so much!
Company: Wilbur Smith Associates
Position and Job Requirements:I work as a Civil Engineer designing roadways. There are many aspects to roadway design including horizontal and vertical alignments, pavement, right of way, drainage, environmental pollution control, structures, and so much more! We use Microstation and InRoads to complete the CAD work. I have been learning about drainage design and stormwater management and use programs such as HY-8 and HEC-RAS to assist in these processes.
Favorite Place to Study on Campus: On campus I loved to curl up in a comfy chair at the Hub. During class times it was a well lit quiet place to concentrate. In between classes, the hustle and bustle and tours were a nice break and distraction from the books.
Advice: Enjoy everything Penn State has to offer! Immerse yourself in a cause. Be passionate about what you do. Study hard and do your own work.If you pursue a career in engineering, you really will use what you learned in class. Maybe that's obvious, but it still continues to surprise me when I come across topics and problems discussed in school. Cherish the memories and friendships. Before you know it, it will be over.

Elyssa Okkelberg-
Favorite PSU Memory: Schreyer Graduation!
Company: Shell Oil
Position and Job Requirements:Materials and Corrosion Engineer
Favorite Place to Study on Campus: Atherton Hall
Advice: Get a minor or second major in liberal arts. The GPA boost and diversity will make you stand out.

Nicole Sclafani-
Favorite PSU Memory: Getting really lucky in the lottery for Orange Bowl tickets my super senior year. I ended up with a front row seat when we played Florida State - and won! It was awesome!
Company: Fall River Public Schools in Massachusetts
Position and Job Requirements:High School Math Teacher. I teach Geometry and Algebra II
Favorite Place to Study on Campus: The Health and Human Development Building - it had these nice little desks and it was always empty! The HUB was a nice change of pace too.
Advice: Stick with it! Engineering degrees are very versatile - I'm no longer doing engineering work, but since I had the degree it made switching careers (to teaching) super easy! And there are lots of different directions you can go with your degree, so don't give up.

Julie Arbuckle Finnegan-
Favorite PSU Memory: Planning & hosting the SWE Region G conference at Penn State (along with meeting my best friend and former SWE officer, Robin, & my husband, David - a fellow EE)
Company: Accenture
Position and Job Requirements:Senior Manager in Life Sciences - job requirements change frequently, but general role is to plan & manage projects on behalf of our clients. I help shape the work, staff the team, architect the project & system, direct the team & their efforts, and manage the client relationships. Internally, I mentor junior folks informally and, more formally, serve as a "career counselor" to shape the career plans for three people. I also help with campus recruiting as an interviewer.
Favorite Place to Study on Campus: The old SWE office on the 3rd floor of Hammond.
Advice: Take advantage of every opportunity to build your network; these people may help you tangibly by getting a job or can serve as a friend or mentor.

Amy Frisbee-
Favorite PSU Memory: camping out in Paternoville
Company: Dow Chemical Company
Position and Job Requirements:Process Engineer - design chemical processing equipment and operation
Favorite Place to Study on Campus: HUB
Advice: take advantage of all of the resources PSU has to offer!

Lauren Scott-
Favorite PSU Memory: Nothing beats tailgating on a perfect fall day
Company: ERG
Position and Job Requirements:Environmental and sustainability consultant to federal agencies
Favorite Place to Study on Campus: Kunkle Lounge, Irvings and Panera (off campus)
Advice: Get involved and have fun! SWE networking got me my job so introduce yourself to people because you never know when you'll cross paths with a great contact.

Amanda Witmer-
Favorite PSU Memory: My best memory is when my future husband proposed outside of the Nittany Lion Inn. It was very romantic and unexpected. Three days later I interviewed at my current employer, and I still occasionally hear stories about the girl who interviewed and was grinning all day long in anticipation of telling her parents after the interviews were complete that she was getting married. I got the job, I got married, and our two sons are already die hard Penn State fans!
Company: Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Position and Job Requirements:Senior Process Controls Engineer. I write the programs that run our air separation plants. I also specify the control valves and instrumentation used to build the plant. I have been the lead controls engineer on most of my projects. It's nothing like the controls class I took in college, there's much less math and instead you need a good mix of process, electrical, and mechanical skills which I learned on the job. The exhileration when a plant starts up and you are responsible for making it work correctly is fantastic. The sense of satisfaction when you're done, even better.
Favorite Place to Study on Campus: My dorm room, with music blaring.
Advice: Make sure you take leadership roles in the organizations you participate in - leadership is a key feature that recruiters look for. Plus you only get out of something what you put into it, so putting effort into your group means that it'll mean something to you when you look back at your college experience.

Tamara Siskind-
Favorite PSU Memory: Snow-shoeing up Mount Nittany on a trip with the Adventure Rec program is one of my favorite PSU memories!
Company: ExxonMobil Chemical
Position and Job Requirements:I work in manufacturing as a Contact Engineer. The formal education requirement for my position is a BS in Chem E. Some of the skills important to this job are problem-solving, organization, and the ability to communicate well.
Favorite Place to Study on Campus: Both the Life Science Bridge and Kunkle Lounge were good places to study and take periodic breaks to people-watch.
Advice: Stay determined and use your resources! It's important to try to work through problems yourself but also to know when to ask for help. At school, "resources" means professor and TA office hours, tutoring centers, and study groups/other classmates. In the work world, it's knowing how and when to ask for help from coworkers (and also figuring out who to ask) that is important in terms of using your resources. Learn as much as you can from them! If you can, do internships and/or co-ops. Work experience is very valuable - both to potential employers and also to you as an intern because you can try on a field/company/job for size before committing to something full-time.

Camille Zozula-
Favorite PSU Memory: There are so many....It's so tough to pick just one.
Company: Westinghouse Electric Company
Position and Job Requirements:I am a Senior Engineer with the Probabilistic Risk Assessment group. I spend most days running a Thermal Hydraulic code which creates nuclear plant transients and documenting the results.
Favorite Place to Study on Campus: Hub
Advice: Work hard, but enjoy the time at Penn State!

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