Additive Manufacturing and Design

Additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) is redefining how components are designed, manufactured, and certified. The 3D-printing technology itself enables production of parts that were otherwise too expensive or even impossible to make, while allowing multi-material parts to be designed and created with relative ease. This is generating considerable interest in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, consumer goods, energy, medical, oil and gas, and space.

The interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Additive Manufacturing and Design at Penn State offers students and working engineers a unique opportunity to become technically outstanding experts in the field. The program integrates graduate coursework across multiple Departments and Colleges at Penn State and provides unique hands-on experiences.

Our primary research areas include:

  • Additive manufacturing process development
  • Additive manufacturing process modeling and simulation
  • Cost and supply chain modeling for additive manufacturing
  • Data management for additive manufacturing
  • Design for additive manufacturing tools and methods
  • Material property analysis and characterization
  • In situ monitoring and process sensing and control
  • Integrated computational materials engineering and microstructural modeling
  • Materials development for additive manufacturing
  • Non-destructive inspection and testing
  • Powder feedstock analysis and evaluation
  • Qualification and certification of additively manufactured parts
  • Applications in aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, defense, energy, medical, oil and gas, and space industries

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Additive Manufacturing and Design

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Degrees Offered:

Master of Engineering in Additive Manufacturing and Design (M.Eng.)

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Master of Science in Additive Manufacturing and Design (M.S.)