penn state aerospace engineering students experience weightlessness aboard nasa's vomit comet

Ready to join the Penn State Engineering family?

Application to any undergraduate program in the College of Engineering must be made online through Penn State’s Admissions Office.

We encourage you to apply before the first deadline so you can:

  • Participate in Penn State’s New Student Orientation (which lets you meet other Penn Staters and register for classes earlier than other students).
  • Beat the demand for your preferred campus location, especially if its University Park.

Please note that the College of Engineering is not directly involved in the admissions process for students applying to enter as first-semester students.

First-Semester Students

Students who have a high school diploma or GED and are eligible for admission to Penn State may apply for admission as first-semester students. First-semester students are those who have not attended any other institution after graduating from high school and/or have accumulated 17 or fewer college credits from another institution after graduating from high school. Credits earned before graduation from high school, such as Advanced Placement credits, International Baccalaureate credits, or credits for courses taken at a local institution are not considered when determining the type of admission. Any such credits earned before graduation from high school will, however, appear on a student’s Penn State transcript if the student has them transferred to Penn State. All students offered admission to the College of Engineering as first-semester students are admitted with pre-major status (ENGR). Learn more »

Transfer or Advanced Standing Students

If you want to come to Penn State after earning at least 18 credits from another institution after graduating from high school, you are considered an advanced-standing or transfer applicant. Penn State’s Undergraduate Admissions Office can provide you with details on how to apply, all applicable deadlines, and guidelines for transferring credits to Penn State from your former institution. Learn more »

Transferring to a Dual Degree Program

Students at partner institutions who are enrolled in a dual degree program (formerly 3-2 program) with the College of Engineering must submit an application for admission to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Applicants who have at any time been admitted to degree status and taken courses at Penn State are not eligible to participate in this program and must apply for re-enrollment if they wish to return to Penn State. Learn more »

International Students

International students who intend to pursue a degree program at Penn State or attend Penn State as part of an exchange program must complete special application materials and submit additional paperwork in order to obtain a student visa. The University Office of Global Programs can advise and assist international students with application procedures. Learn more »

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