Accessing Drives/Folders Without VPN
Setting up COEAccess credentials:
  1. Visit (opens in a new browser)
  2. Type in your default (or former) COEAccess password. If your AccessID is abc1234 and your PUSID is 912345678, your default password is "ABC5678psu!" (case-sensitive, no quotation marks, remember exclamation mark)
  3. Type in a new password following the guidelines provided and hit 'Submit'
Access via the SSLVPN interface:
  1. Log into SSLVPN Interface:
  2. In the "Browse" box in at the top of the page, type:
    1. O:drive: \\\psuae
    2. Redirected folders: \\\profiles$\abc123
    3. Y:drive: \\\public
    4. T:drive: \\\abc123$
    5. U:drive: \\\users
    6. V:drive: \\\users\a\b\abc123
    7. W:drive: \\\pass\users
    8. X:drive: \\\pass\users\a\b\abc123
    Remeber to replace "abc123" with the Penn State AccessID
  3. When prompted for credentials, use your Penn State AccessID (abc123), the password you used/created for COEAccess, and "coeaccess" as the domain name.
  4. Click "Bookmark Current Folder" to save the folder
  5. Give it a descriptive name you'll remember