Spring Break 2019 - VPN Changes Coming!

Connecting to AE Computers From Home with RDP

Connecting to the AE Labs remotely is not only very ease, but also extremely convenient. There are just a couple things we need to do to prepare the connection, so lets take a look at them...


2-Factor Authentication is required (DUO Mobile for your cell phone)

Follow the links below to help set them up.

First of all, if we're off campus, we'll need the VPN client to connect to the College of Engineering network, since it's behind a firewall. The client can be downloaded at https://gpvpn.engr.psu.edu and information for setting it up can be found here. Once downloaded and installed, use "gpvpn.engr.psu.edu" as the Portal and then connect using your PSU username and password. This requires DUO be installed and activated on your smart phone, so when prompted, accept the notification.

Once connected to the network here on campus, we'll need to take a quick look to find an available Remote Desktop computer. Viewing the Remote Desktop Computer availability can be done here. Computers accessible via RDP are those in 308 Sackett whose name begins with "AE-80" and those in 307 Sackett whose name begins with "AE-62".

Now that we have a computer picked out that we want to use, we'll connect to it by using "Remote Desktop" software. It's available for most all platforms and comes standard with Windows. To find it, click "Start", "Programs", "Accessories", then "Remote Desktop" to open.

Mac users, visit This Site for the remote desktop client for Mac OS.

With Remote Desktop open, we need to furnish a computer name. The computer name we can get from the availability web site, but we'll need to append ".coeaccess.psu.edu" to the computer name to connect. For instance, if you wish to connect to "AE-8059", then you will type in the box "AE-8059.coeaccess.psu.edu" and then connect. Don't forget to first connect the VPN Client!

When asked for credentials, use PSU ID ONLY with your PSU password to log on. If you're logging onto a research PC, or your office PC here in AE, you may be asked for credentials prior to connecting. In this instance, PSU credentials may fail, so you should use an RDP client that does not require NLA (network level authentication). I recommend RD Tabs.

It's very important that when you're finished you log off the computer. If you just "Disconnect" the computer will become locked and performance for other users is degraded. If this happens too often others get upset.

Grad Students:
Access your office computer remotely! Use the "Tunnel DUO" VPN profile in Pulse Secure, then furnish your computer's name in the Remote Desktop client. Your computer's name is typically on a label affixed to the top of your machine.