VPN Help

Click HERE for VPN troubleshooting tips. Read on to learn how to install and configure it...

VPN connections are used to access AE resources from anywhere around the world. Installing and using VPN allows you to edit documents in your network drives, and even use an AE computer remotely, taking advantage of it's power and installed software.

Palo Alto's GlobalProtect is the software of choice for connecting to COE from outside the firewall.

To install the GlobalProtect VPN, make sure your 2-factor authentication is set up, then visit this site:

(Once installed, undergrad students should use the portal "gpstudent.engr.psu.edu",
all others should use "gpvpn.engr.psu.edu")

Log in using your PSU username and password, accept the DUO notification on your phone, then download the appropriate client on the next page to install GlobalProtect.

Refer to this document linked on the login page for further instructions.

For information on setting up 2-Factor Authentication, please visit PSU's 2FA site:

Once GlobalProtect installs and connects, your browser can be closed as the software has been installed locally. To connect again after disconnecting, you can find the client in your Start Menu under Palo Alto. You'll also notice an "Earth" shaped icone in your task bar's notification area when connected. Right-clicking this icon gives you the ability to disconnect the VPN.

Questions or problems can be directed HERE.