VPN Troubleshooting

Before proceeding, make certain you've set up 2-factor authentication already:
Remember too, if you're using DUO's "Push" option, you may need to open the app and manually check for requests (swipe down in the app).

If the VPN is failing to connect, the first thing to try is to see if your DUO account is locked out. Visit PSU's 2FA/DUO setup site: www.2fa.psu.edu. If you're unable to log on there, and it says you must wait, then it's locked. At this point you must call the service desk to unlock it or wait until it unlocks automatically. If you call, have your ID number, home address, date of enrollment, and the last four digits of your SSN readily available.

If your account is not locked out and you're able to log in to PSU's 2FA site, you might try reinstalling the client. Log in here with your PSU credentials: gpvpn.engr.psu.edu. With DUO set up with Push Notifications, you should receive a notification on your cell phone. Regarding the "Portal", undergrads should use "gpstudent.engr.psu.edu" and all others should use "gpvpn.engr.psu.edu". If all else fails, uninstall the previous client and then reboot. After rebooting install the latest client by logging in again at https://gpvpn.engr.psu.edu gpvpn.engr.psu.edu. Once installed, refer to this page for instructions for setting it up: www.engr.psu.edu/ae/aecomputing/help.asp?p=vpn.

Let's say you can log in to PSU's 2FA site, but not the Engineering's VPN site. This is likely an issue where your account was not granted access to the College's VPN. Accounts are imported regularly at the beginning of each semester, and for a few weeks after the semester starts. Typically, all students taking any Engineering course should be added to the list automatically, but on occasion accounts get missed. When this happens, visit www.engr.psu.edu/ae/aecomputing/index.asp?p=contact and let us know you need to be added. Note that this form and service is intended for students taking AE courses, and students in other departments should refer to their respective IT staff.