Logging on with COEACCESS credentials:

If logging on with PSU credentials is denying you access to drives, printers, Desktop, Documents, or other network resources, or software relying on these network resources is behaving strangely, you might try logging on using COEACCESS credentials. Instructions are as follows:

1. Visit https://apps.engr.psu.edu/password/coeaccess.stm (opens in a new browser)
2. Type in your AccessID username
3. Type in your default (or former) COEAccess password. If your AccessID is abc1234 and your PUSID is 912345678, your default password is "ABC5678psu!" (case-sensitive, no quotation marks, remember exclamation mark)
4. Type in a new password following the guidelines provided and hit 'Submit'
5. Log onto an AE lab computer using "COEACCESS\abc1234" as your username
(abc1234 replaced with your PSU username), with the password created in step 3


University drives (U, V, W, and X) may not map, but can be mapped manually using instructions found here, just start with step 3.

COEACCESS passwords are randomly generated during account maintenance, so it may not last forever. If you find it no longer works for you, repeat these steps to change it again. This typically happens the week before a semester starts, and occurs weekly for about 4 weeks.