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Frequently Asked Questions
General 'Rules-of-thumb':

Save often!
Disaster is lurking around every corner... power can go out, networks can go down, and software can even crash. Don't be a victim of lost work, make it a habit to save at least twice every hour. It's also not a bad idea to carry alternating "versions" of a file, in the event one becomes corrupt. Trust me, at some point you'll be glad you did.

Work locally, save remotely!
To get the most out of the software here in AE, it's always best to work with files saved to the local hard drive. This is the fastest storage available, providing the most available free space, which keeps software happy. Going hand-in-hand with saving often, working with your files locally on your Desktop, then copying them to secure network storage, the X: drive for example, helps to ensure your programs are running full-speed, and in the event of a disruption, you can pick up where you left off without losing too much work.


1. My ID card won't open the door, my password doesn't work, I can't log on...
Make sure that your user name is the same as your e-mail account user name and your PSU password hasn't expired. If you are still having a problem, try switching computers or contacting Corey Wilkinson (CoreyW@psu.edu). 

To be able to open the door with your ID card, you must be an AE student. Be sure to swipe the card the correct way, with the magnetic strip on the right. If this doesn't solve the problem, contact Corey Wilkinson (CoreyW@psu.edu). Access to various rooms depends on your semester standing. First and Third year students only have access to 307 and 308 Sackett. Each year, students gain access to different rooms.

2. When can I use the computer labs?
The computer labs are open when the building is open. If the doors of Sackett are locked, you can use your id card at the Northwest entrance. Check the lab schedule to see when labs are reserved for classes.

3. Where are the zip drives and scanners?
Zip drives have been decommissioned. The 90's called and wanted them back, so we obliged. Scanners can be found in 333 Sackett, 301 Unit A, and outside 227 Unit A. The Engineering Copy Center also has a scanner capable of scanning color up to 36" wide and any length.


1. How much can I print before I am charged?
Each student is given a certain credit to their printing balance, which varies by year. First year through fourth year students receive $20. Fifth year students and graduate students receive $40. How much you are charged for printing depends on the printer you use. Black and white printers usually cost $0.10 per page, while color printers generally cost $0.50 per page. Large scale plotters charge $0.50 per square foot. You can add money from 8:00am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday at the engineering copy center located on the first floor of Engineering Unit A. To check your printer balance, run the Printer Balance software.

2. The printer is out of paper, ink, or has a problem...
Contact one of the lab assistants, or Corey Wilkinson (CoreyW@psu.edu).

Lost and Found:

1. I left something in the computer lab, where can I look for it?
See Susan Shutt in 104 Unit A as anything found by faculty and staff will given to her. Likewise, if you find something in the lab, please give it to Susan Shutt.


1. Is my personal computer fast enough to run any of the software used in the lab?
Check the software-hardware page to view some minimum system requirements for programs used in the lab.

2. How do I access Bentley software?
Penn State’s subscription with Bentley Systems gives students & faculty access to STUDENTserver. You can find information on the O:\ drive here: O:\Structural\Bentley\!NEW! Student Licenses From Bentley!\_ReadMe.txt

Personal space:

1. How can I set permission for my files (Y drive:)?

See "Securing Drive" in the Network tab