Account and logon information
Inactivity Logoff

Inactive computers now log off after 60 minutes!

If you ABSOLUTELY NEED to stay logged on longer on an unattended computer, use "Mouse Wiggler" in the Start Menu. Its use is done so at your own risk.


Having a problem with virusesspyware or adware? Get your computer cleaned up and (or) make sure it stays clean! Click here ( to visit the university's licensed software and freeware/shareware download site. You'll need to enter your userid and password but the software is free. Also included are connectivity programs (including the VPN), e-mail clients, file transfer programs, web browsers and more.

Want free software? MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center is offering a variety of free software to students. Programs like Visual Studio, Windows Vista Business, and MS Project 2007 are available along with many more. Click here to log in.

User Account Passwords:

Log into the lab computers using your Penn State credentials, and log onto "" in the drop-down "log onto" box. 

If logging onto a Windows Vista/7 computer, use "" (abc123 being your PSU username) with your PSU password to log on. 

On the off-chance using PSU credentials creates problems for accessing network resources, click here.

Logging off & Security:

Users should log off to prevent printing balance access by others. Click Start -> Log Off.

Security cameras record activities 24 hours a day. Card access logs are recorded 24 hours a day. Printing logs are recorded 24 hours a day. Faculty has access to all Y:\ drive folders. PSU security monitors mass emails and bandwidth usage.

AE Computer Lab Imaging:

Don't be caught with lost work due to a computer being rebuilt. It's good practice to save NOTHING to a lab machine. When possible, use your X: drive to save files. Imaging generally only happens once before each semester, but if a computer in the lab experiences problems during the semester, it may get rebuilt without notice.

Additional questions:

If you have any questions that were not addressed or answered sufficiently, please go to our lab assistants page and contact one of the assistants.