Personal Drives

University drives V and X can be used to store items used in class. V: gives you up to 500 MB, while X: gives you up to 10 GB. Visit to bump your X: drive PASS quota from the default 1 GB to 10 GB. These drives are accessible only to your account and are not public.

PSU's Box

Box-hosted storage. UNLIMITED online storage accessible from anywhere. This storage requires a PSU Box account, and can share files of any type with even those having no Box account. For information about using the Box, click here.

Y: Drive

Y: drive - public storage. Notification is given at 85% capacity (it turns red). Lockout will occur at 100% which means files may be deleted but not saved.

All users are allotted 5 GB each academic year, starting in the summer. All files will be moved from the Y: drive about one week after the Spring semester. Y drives from previous years can be obtained by faculty using the "!- Æ 2014 Faculty, Old Y Drives Are In Here!" folder in the Y drive

All files on the Y drive are available to all users! If there are concerns about other users seeing your files, you can read about how to secure files on the Y drive and make them accessible to only the people you want to have access here.

T: Drive

5th year students taking AE 481W (Thesis) are given a T: Drive with up to 1 GB of storage. This space is linked to the ePortfolio web space found here:

O: Drive (read-only)

Software and manuals. CDs and software can be installed to wireless personal laptops and grad PCs, as well as student home PCs. More info can be found here: