Software Availability
Software & Hardware:

Software available in the PSUAE computer labs is always changing. Contact AE support to see if a title you need is installed or available.
Webcams and microphone headsets can be furnished upon request.
Scanners are in 332 Sackett, and 227 Engineering Unit A.
DVD burners are in ALL desktop computers.
Digital cameras, digital video cameras and laptops can be signed out from 104 Engineering Unit A.

Remote Desktop

To learn how to connect remotely to any of the PSUAE Lab computers, click Here (VPN required)

Software Availability

Aside from the O: drive, some software that is not licensed to leave the labs is still available outside of the labs, such as Microsoft Office and the Autodesk products. By using the AE department's Remote Desktop services, working with software from home is nearly as convenient as being in the labs.

1. Make certain you have "Remote Desktop" software installed
2. Start up your VPN Client
3. Start up Remote Desktop and enter the computer name for the lab computer you wish to connect to, then click "Connect".

If you experience any trouble with the Remote Desktop, feel free to contact AE support.