Software and Hardware Help

All software in the labs is installed from an internal network location that maps as "O:\" when any AE user logs on. This location is divided into disciplines, and each discipline has various software folders inside of it. With some applications, AE students and faculty can install these applications on their personally-owned PCs. Instructions for doing so accompany each applications.

Whenever necessary, there may be accompanying documents, tips, and other pertinent information in these locations that help users get the most out of these software packages. Whenever issues arise and a resolution is found, those are added here as well.

On occasion, hardware issues will arise in the AE computer labs. When these problems aren't reported, they won't get fixed, so please contact AE support so the issue can be addressed. The same holds true of equipment that becomes lost or stolen; report as soon as you can so it can be recovered and everyone is happy again.