AE Senior Thesis - Become an e-Studio Practitioner Mentor!

Do you have an interest in collaborating with future engineers?
Do you want to help enhance the educational experience of the Penn State AE students?
Do you want to be involved in the AE program but are at a distance from University Park?

Many of you are familiar with the AE Senior Thesis course and are aware of the importance of the capstone project and the many opportunities this course offers in effectively linking our future engineers to the professional environment. One way of providing this benefit to the students is through meaningful collaboration with practicing professionals. In previous years, practitioners have shared their expertise via on-campus lectures, sponsoring student projects, and consulting via mail, telephone, and fax.

In Spring 2004, Professor M. Kevin Parfitt and graduate student Jonathan Dougherty instituted a new method of communication and collaboration for the consulting aspects of the senior thesis course – the e-Studio Practitioner Mentor program.

How does it work? In electronically collaborating with the fifth year students, practitioner names are placed on an option specific (structural, mechanical, lighting/electrical, construction) database that is also linked to a discussion board. The best part about this discussion board is that it sends e-mails directly to your inbox; so you don't have to remember to check the board on a regular basis. Students post questions on the discussion boards, and the practitioners receive updates via e-mail when a new question has been posted. By replying to the e-mail, you can answer the question and it will automatically post to the discussion board. This technology is user-friendly and has proven to have a major impact on the senior thesis program in its first semester of implementation.

To learn more, please visit the Senior Thesis e-Studio.

To join our group of innovative e-Studio Practitioner Mentor’s, please contact Professor Kevin Parfitt.