Personal Reflection

The AE Senior Thesis Project was a great and invaluable experience. It has given me the opportunity to apply the knowledge of science and engineering that I learned in these years in AE cirriculum. Even though it has been a tough year in terms of workload, I did enjoy a lot in completing the project part by part. The nature of thesis has been extremely time-oriented, which gave me some challenges and the thesis has taught me to manage my scheudle in a timely fashion. I believe the thesis project is a valuable asset to me as in future career and my life.

CPEP Website

The CPEP website is a powerful tool for communicating with other colleagues and exchanging ideas. It is very useful for us to expose our work in an organized and professional manner, where professionals in the industry could have easy access to our work. Besides that, the CPEP website is quite user-friendly as it is compatible with dreamweaver and simple code-typing.