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Research Topics & Sources

Topic 1: 3D Laser Scanning

WadeTrim, Langan Engineering & Environmental, Berding Surveying, Darling Environmental & Surveying - The majority of my research came from phone interviews with members of each of these companies. Each of these companies contributed some of their internal materials as well as marketing information that better abled me to understand this growing technology, demonstrate its application to this project, and assess the effect it would have on Square 320.

Topic 2: Basement Expansion

James G. Davis, Clark Foundations - The information on this portion of the project came from two sources, the first being the members of the Davis team that were present at the time of the foundation work nearly two years ago and the second being members of the Clark subsidiary that performed the actual work. Very little of the information regarding this scope of work ever made it into any of the documents so nearly all of the information I learned cam from phone interviews or face-to-face conversations with these experts.

Topic 3: Emotional Intelligence

Brent Darnell - I spent my winter break reading Brent Darnell's book The People-Profit Connection and understanding exactly what emotional intelligence is and the role that it plays in the workplace. I also had the priviledge of speaking with Brent many times over the phone where he helped me to better understand the industry he pioneers as well as determine the best way to evaluate the EQ of the Square 320 site in a way that would be meaningful. Once he helped me determine the proper strategy I was able to collect all the necessary data and then bring it back to him. At that time we sat down and went through the findinds so that we could discuss it and truly understand what it all really meant for the project and for my thesis.

Breadth 1: Economic Redesign of Steel Jacking Supports

Prof. Geschwindner- Not having alot of knowledge about steel design beyond what we learned in 308 and 404 I contacted Prof. Geschwindner so some special advising. He helped me find the best approach to test and redesign the steel jacking supports used in the basement expansion based on a series of qualities. These are better outlined in my report, but without his help I honestly can say that I wouldn't have known where to begin.

Breadth 2: Fan Powered Induction Units

Southland Industries - Thanks to the help of Nathan and Julie Patrick I was able to learn all about the FPIU system, how it would significantly better the entire Square 320 project, and how exactly it needed to be designed. With their help, I was able to determine the number of units required, size the piping/duct, and even determine the optimum chiller and boiler units to complete the system. The majority of the information on this new technology is hard to find or entirely incognito so I truly relied on their generous help and support to make the HVAC redesign possible.


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