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Thesis Proposal Update (January 20, 2009)

Thesis Proposal

The above proposal contains information about the research that will be conducted during the spring semester. This research will be based off of four analyses that pertain to the construction of Constitution Center.  There are four analyses that will be outline include the chilled beam systems, curtain wall installation, structural integrity of the parking garage, and pedestrian safety.

Analysis 1:

The first analysis deals with the chilled beam system being installed. This is the largest system being installed in the United States and provides an area to gain knowledge to a system that may become widely used in future buildings. This analysis also provides an area for a critical industry research and a mechanical breadth. Both of these topics will deal with the commissioning requirements for Constitution Center.

Analysis 2:

The second analysis incorporates the MAE Graduate-Level component of CE 533 - Construction Productivity Analysis and Performance Evaluation. The research would focus around the curtain wall installation procedures and how they impact both the schedule and the site logistics.

Analysis 3:

The third analysis incorporates a structural breadth for a redesign of the parking garage waffle slab. During the renovation process, quadrants of the parking garage were completely shut down in order for the floors to be updated. The redesign will focus on a two-way reinforced concrete system and a flat plate, drop panel with column capitols.

Analysis 4:

The final analysis will study the safety requirements for the pedestrians about Constitution Center. Since the L’Enfant Metro Station Entrance was within the construction site, it was a problematic feature to keep the pedestrians safe, but not limiting the use of the metro or the work taking place on the construction site. This research will also be studying a critical industry issue and will allow for the expansion of knowledge in a field that is very important on every construction site.

Thesis Proposal Breadths

Mechanical Breadth:

While analyzing the chilled beam system, the chance to evaluate the commissioning requirements for the mechanical systems will provide an opportunity for a mechanical breadth as well as a critical industry issue. With a project the size of Constitution Center, the commissioning requirements are very detailed. After evaluating the requirements, if necessary an updated or new system of tracking the commissioning will be proposed.

Structural Breadth:

Analysis of the structural system will be conducted in order to determine the renovation requirements of the waffle slab. If necessary, an updated or new system will be proposed. There are two options for a redesign: a two-way reinforced concrete system or a flat plate, drop panel with column capitols. Both of these redesigns will have to have a detailed analysis on loads, cost, and schedule and will provide a structural breadth to be applied to the construction management issue.



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