ABET Outcome Survey:

AE 481/482 Course Reflection:

During my career at Penn State, I have learned about many different things ranging from producing a 1000 line item schedule for a large construction project, to learning the basics of the Foxtrot. I have never regretted going to school at Penn State as well as joining the Architectural Engineering program. This program not only has taught me so much about different building systems as well as the design and engineering process, but it has given me my fundamental work ethic that is now ready for a career in the construction industry.

The 5th year Senior Thesis capstone incorporates all that we have learned in the Architectural Engineering program. After a long year of work I feel very confident when I say I am ready to graduate and am well prepared for whichever job or position I may receive. This project not only reviewed all four options in AE, but it also helped develop my communication skills with members in the industry. After completing this thesis, I feel the entire project went well and a great final product was created.


CPEP & Discussion Board Reflection:

The Senior Thesis website, also known as my CPEP page, was a great tool to allow others to see what I was doing throughout the course of the school year. Incorporating the CPEP into the requirements of the project, not only allows everyone to see the work involved in an AE Senior Thesis, but it also forces students to learn the basics of web design. I feel this is an important skill that all should learn with technology continuing to evolve. This CPEP requirement also lets students be more creative in presenting their findings and so their artistic or professional qualities.

The Discussion Board that was used for Senior Thesis was meant to allow easy communication between professionals in the AEC industry as well as professors and other students. This gave the students a great wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. This discussion board not only helped students get in touch with industry members, but it also showed fellow students what they were researching setting up the opportunity for students to help each other throughout the school year.

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