Technical Reports


Due to confidentiality & privacy concerns for all members of the project team, the Unknown Hospital Expansion Technical Reports will not be posted to the senior thesis website. If you would like to view these reports, please contact Ryan Klincki. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Technical Report #1

The Construction Management Technical Report 1 examines the general background of the design and construction processes of the Unknown Hospital Expansion. Included in the report is a project summary schedule, description of the building systems and an evaluation of the projects costs. Also, the report explains the local conditions, Owner information, the delivery system and contracts used for the project, and the construction manager staffing plan. A site plan of the current project can be found as well.




Technical Report #2

The Construction Management Technical Report 2 provides a cost and methods analysis of the key features of theUnknown Hospital Expansion that affect execution of the project.  Included in thesis report are a Detailed Project Schedule, Site Layout Plans, a Detailed Structural Systems Estimate, and General Conditions Estimate.  Also included is a summary and analysis of the PACE Roundtable meeting held on October 16, 2008.



Supplemental Data for Tech. Report #2:| | | | RS MEANS Data Sheets(7.6 MB) | || | | Structural Steel Taekoff from Revit 2009(0.2 MB)

Technical Report #3

The Construction Management Technical Report #3 is an alternative methods analysis of the Unknown Hospital Expansion project.  This report includes a synopsis of constructability challenges found on the project, schedule acceleration scenarios, value engineering tactics employed, problem identification of possible problematic features of the project, and technical analysis methods of research.

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