Depth #1 - Lighting

I will be completing a lighting redesign for four spaces within the salamander resort and spa - The Entry Courtyard, the Living Room, the Wine Bar, and the Grand Ballroom. The redesign involves lighting equipment, controls, energy calculations, etc.

Depth #2 - Electrical

The electrical portion of this depth study will contain branch circuit redesign for the new lighting systems, an overcurrent device coordination study, and two depth topics: a comparison study of using bus duct in place of conduit and wires; a comparison study of a static ups vs. a rotary ups

Breadth Topics - Mechanical & Architectural

The original designs for the fireplaces located throughout the resort cause problems during construction, resulting in a new prefabricated mechanical design to fit within the architectural design of the fireplaces. i will complete a new design for the fireplaces to allow more room for mechanical exhaust systems. The design will be based on constructability and aesthetics. The mechanical breadth will be a redesign of the exhaust system and a study for heat recovery to conserve energy.

Additional Honors Topic - Daylighting

I will complete a daylighting study within the Living Room to satisfy requirements for graduation from the Schreyer Honors College. This will involve a yearly study that may result in daylighting control integration with the lighting systems.

Thesis Proposal (12/15/2009)

Thesis Proposal (Updated 1/18/2010)




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