The first technical report contains an analysis on the existing lighting design in the Salamander Resort and Spa. Specifically, this report contains the analysis of an outdoor space, the Entry Courtyard; a circulation space, the Living Room; a special purpose space, the Wine Bar; and a "large work space," the Grand Ballroom. The analysis of each space contains information on the geometry of the room, materials and finishes used, the existing lighting equipment designed, design criteria and considerations, and an evaluation and critique of the existing design.

Technical Report #1 (pdf)



This technical report is an analysis and documentation of the existing electrical systems design throughout the Salamander Resort and Spa. The analysis includes information about the power distribution system, service entrance, utility, voltage systems, major equipment, and a brief description of the communications systems. A single- line diagram was also created from the existing riser diagram provided in the construction documents, and the service entrance size was calculated.

Technical Report #2 (pdf)


The requirements for Technical Report #3 cover a lighting design of the entry courtyard, the living room, the wine bar, and the grand ballroom. The lighting design presented is the schematic design phase. The deliverable for this assignment was a powerpoint presentation, which can be viewed below in powerpoint or pdf format.

Technical Report #3 (pdf)

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