Technical Assignment 1 is designed to provide a detailed background on the Government Office Center renovation and modernization project by identifying the opportunities and constraints that affect the design and construction process. This project involves major systems upgrades, most importantly the extensive curtain wall and mechanical systems which make up more than half of the GMP value combined. A key concern for the construction management team on the project is the need to maintain occupancy during the entire construction period.
Technical Assignment 2 is designed to provide further insight into the Government Office Center renovation and modernization project through analysis of important schedule characteristics and the costs of a key building system. Continuous occupancy of the building throughout the construction process will impact project schedule requirements and the cost of performing many construction activities. As a result, a detailed project schedule, curtain wall system estimate, and project general conditions estimate have been developed in addition to LEED performance and Building Information Modeling (BIM) use evaluations for future use as resources when analyzing key features that affect project execution.
Technical Assignment 3 is designed to identify areas of the Government Office Center renovation and modernization project that are strong candidates for research. After discussions at the PACE Roundtable and interviews with project team members, several key constructability challenges, schedule acceleration scenarios, value engineering topics, and critical industry issues were analyzed in relation to the Government Office Center project. As a result, four major areas were pinpointed for initial development of future research plans.