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Course Reflection

Completing my AE senior thesis project has been an intensive process that culminated with my final report and presentation.  Choosing to participate in the individual thesis is a decision I am happy with, because it forced me out of my comfort zone of purely construction management issues. The breadth topics required a focus on different areas of the AE curriculum and in turn were a way of making sure that I had a thorough education. This of course made the project itself more challenging, but I believe it will be very beneficial in my career. It is important for me as a CM to recognize the issues of each component of a building and project team, and the thesis project developed the skills needed to recognize and address them. Overall, the combined fall and spring semesters of thesis have summarized the 4 years of AE classes that I have taken, and touched on issues of each option within the major.

CPEP Reflection

The development of a CPEP site was very beneficial to the overall thesis experience. It was helpful to have the course site to use as a reference and to find information and task descriptions. The access to past CPEP sites was also helpful because their projects could be used as a template or reference when forming my own project. Keeping the site updated with my current revisions was a way of keeping me on task, and having my work reviewed online was a convenient way of communicating with course faculty.

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