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  • Mark Leitch, a student leader of the ORION Wilderness Experience program, with first-year students at Little Flat Fire Tower in Rothrock State Forest.

    Fresh Starts; Lasting Memories

    Three unique Penn State programs offer first-year students from campuses across Pennsylvania adventurous entrances into college life.

  • The lion sits with two smiling students on a campus bench.

    Get Ready, Get Set, Let's Go!

    Watch the video to see Penn State gearing up for the arrival of our favorite people: our students. See the preparation behind the anticipation of a new school year. Welcome!

  • Dr. Lynch and a student inspect a corn field.

    Ground-Breaking Roots

    The U.N. estimates that one in every seven people around the world is hungry. Jonathan Lynch and the Roots Lab use information technology to get to the root of this problem.

  • John Hoenig, doctoral candidate in Penn State's Department of History, holds ripe tomatoes.

    America's Tomato Crush

    Historian John Hoenig says our love affair with tomatoes is about more than taste; it's about our successful quest to eat them all year long.

  • Dr. David Lee watches a behavioral therapy session between a young boy and a woman. The boy is holding an iPad.

    Creating Momentum of Success

    David Lee, associate professor of education, is refining strategies that can help children diagnosed with emotional behavioral disorders thrive both in the classroom and in the world.