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Building Statistics


Building Statistics I

Building Name

The Duffy School


210 West Second Street, Florence Township, NJ Site Location


Conifer-LeChase Construction


70,593 GSF


3 Stories above grade

Dates of Construction

April 2014 - April 2015

Buillding cost

$9.3 Million

Project Delivery


Project Team

Owner: Duffy Urban Renewal

Architect: Kramer + Marks Architects

Historic Consultant: Keystone Preservation Group

Civil Engineers: Stout and Caldwell

Structural Engineers: SSM Group

MPE Engineers: McHugh Engineering Associates

Energy Consultant: MaGrann Associates

General Contractor: Gary F Gardner Inc.


The Marcella L. Duffy school was first opened in the 1870’s and served as the first public school in the community. The school was closed in 2008 due to the expensive costs of the heating, ventilation and air-condition systems. The Duffy School addition and renovation with turn the original school into an affordable senior citizen apartment complex. The original school building will be turned into 35 apartment units. The addition, which will be on the east side of the school,  will add another 18 units. In addition to the 53 apartment units there will also be a community room, fitness center, craft room, library, and an entertainment facility.










Minimum Setback from West Second Street: 5 ft.

Minimum Setback from Summer Street: 35 ft.

Minimum Setback from alley: 0 ft.

Maximum Building Length: 345 ft.

Maximum Building Height: 3 stories (55 ft.)

Maximum Number of Units: 53

Minimum Parking Spots: 51

Minimum Parking Space Size: 9 ft. x 18 ft.

Historical Requirements

The Duffy School is over 140 years old and has many features that need to be saved/preserved while the building is being renovated according to The Duffy Urban Renewal Program and by Florence Township. No historic features exist on the ground floor. In the existing gym and auditorium on the first floor, all existing trim, details, windows, flooring, and ceilings must be saved or preserved. Also on the first floor in the lobby the columns and pediment vestibule must be saved. In the auditorium on the second floor all existing trim, details, windows, flooring, and ceilings must be saved or preserved.

Building Enclosure

The facade for the existing building will be the repaired/restored historical brick facade that previously existed on the Duffy School. The new addition enclosure will match the renovated building with historical brick facade. The connector area between the existing building and the new addition will have a curtain wall on the south side of the building facing Second Street.

Wall Section

Building Roof

The roof is a fully adhered ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer (EPDM) roofing system. The EPDM roof has a thickness of 60 mils and the exposed face color is white.. The EPDM roof sits ontop of R-25 resnet grade 1 insulation. Under the R-25 insulation is a 2.5” layer of spray foam insulation and R-38 total roof insulation. The insulation will sit ontop of 5/8" exterior grade plywood sheathing.

Roof Section

Sustainability Features

The Duffy School renovation and addition will follow the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (NJHMFA) Green Future Checklist. The Green Future program checklist contains a list of green building items that go over siting, land use, energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air quality, building durability, etc. The program allows for healthy and enjoyable interiors for residents.

Building Statistics II

The structural system for the Duffy School Addition and Renovation is primarily wood framing. The basic vertical structure is constructed from 2 by 6 dimensioned lumber spaced 16” off center. These 2 by 6’s support the 18” deep, 4 by 2 wooden floor trusses spaced 19.2” off center for the first and second floor. The floor trusses are then covered with ¾” OSB sheathing that gets glued and nailed at 8” off center. The 2 by 6 second floor load bearing walls support the roof truss at 24” off center. The roof trusses get covered with a 5/8” plywood decking. The structural slab for the new addition is 4” thick concrete system over 10 mil vapor barrier on 4” crushed stone.

The Duffy School is being delivered as a design-bid-build project. There was extensive demolition and removal of selected portions of the building and selected site elements. All existing mechanical systems were removed in their entirety including but not limted to the boiler system, piping, coils, valves, air handlers, etc. All the demolished materials were recycled wherever possible and any hazardous materials were disposed of in a safe manner. All existing plumbing systems were also removed in their entirety. The power and electrical systems remained active and had to be modified wherever needed. Due to the age of the school there were also numerous historical guidelines that needed to be followed according to the Duffy Urban Renewal Program and by Florence Township. All the black slate chalkboards and historical trim must be removed and carefully stored for reinstallation throughout the new building. All the historic tin ceilings and their patterns needed to be fully documented where they exist prior to any work. A piece of the cornice band, a piece of the border and a minimum of two square panels per room must be labeled and saved to be reproduced in the new building. The lobby columns and pediment vestibule also needed to be saved and protected during construction. This included completely covering the piece and not being able to work within a one foot radius of the historic piece.

The Duffy School is cooled by six Variable Air Volume packaged rooftop units and eight air handling units. The rooftop units are Mitsubishi MXZ8B48 4 ton, 48,000 BTU capacity with 208V/ 1 phase. The units provide conditioned air through the use of standard grille, register and diffuser terminals. Wall mounted thermostats with occupancy control need to be provided and must be fully programmable and interlocked with the roof top units.
The rooftop units also provide heating with the use of natural gas. Thirty six gas mains enter the building on the north west side of the building from gas meters on the exterior of the building.

The electrical utility service enters the building on the north side into the utililty transformer located in the vault. The service than travels to the main distribution panel at 800A, 208/120V, three phase, four wire. There are a total of 8 planelboards that supply the building with power. They range from the 800A main panelboard to the 100A panelboard used for the ground, first, second, and exterior lighting. There is also a 60KW outdoor diesel emergency generator incase of outages.

The lighting plan for the Duffy School Addition and Renovation incorporates a combination of fluorescent fixtures and LED architectural sconces. The main lighting in the resident apartments is fluorescent fixtures, while shared spaces use 33” pendant fixtures. Exterior lights are LED architectural sconces placed by the entrances/exits. The main electrical room is located on the west side of the building on the ground floor.

Fire Protection
The existing automatic dry pipe system will be removed in its entirety from the Duffy School. The building will be equipped throughout with an automatic wet-pipe sprinkler system with quick response sprinkler heads. The wet-pipe system has 6” pipe for fire service and also 4” pipes which go to the newly added fire department siamese connection added on the north east side of the new addition.

A passenger elevator and a new set of egress stairs are being added in the Duffy School Addition. Two sets of egress stairs are remaining the same in the existing building.