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Student Biography


Jeremy Drummond is currently in his 5th year of study in the Architectural Engineering program at The Pennsylvania State University. He will graduate with a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering degree, with a focus in construction management and is anticipating to graduate in May 2015. Jeremy is a member of numerous professional and student organizations including the Penn State Chapter of The Student Society for Architectural Engineers as well as the Blue and White Society.

During the summer of 2013, Jeremy worked for FP Developments Inc. as an architectural drafter. This work involved taking and recording measurements of the entire existing machine shop and engineering offices. Those measurements were than used to create a layout of the entire building using AutoCAD. Jeremy was also responsible for presenting new layouts of the engineering floor with efficiency in mind. In previous years Jeremy has taken on numerous summer jobs including; manager of a swim club Café, event staff at Susquehanna Bank Center and a driver for Mister Softee.

Outside of academics Jeremy likes to spend as much time as he can outdoors. He enjoys many outdoor activities including hiking, bike riding, and geocaching. When he is not partaking in one of those activities you can find him playing many different sports with his friends including; tennis, hockey, football, and disc golf.