Outstanding Engineering Alumni Award Eligibility and Nomination Process

Award Eligibility

Any College of Engineering alumnus or alumnae may be nominated for the Outstanding Engineering Alumni Award. Current members of the University faculty or staff are not eligible. Eligible candidates should have a record of professional achievements that are widely recognized for their quality and significance.

Nomination and Selection Process

Department heads in each four-year, degree-granting program within the College Engineering submit one alumnus or alumna for nomination for the Outstanding Engineering Alumni Award based on suggestions from faculty, students, and/or alumni. The department is then responsible for the preparation of a nomination dossier, which includes a completed nomination form plus any other appropriate documentation to present the best case for selection. The nominee should not be contacted for information for the dossier.

All nominations will be sent to the College's Executive Committee prior to the selection date for review. At the selection meeting, each department head will have an opportunity to make a brief oral presentation in support of that department's candidate at that meeting, followed by Committee discussion about the nominee. Executive Committee members will grade each candidate on a scale of 0 to 4. All candidates receiving an average grade of 3.0 or better will be selected for final consideration.