About Us

The Penn State Engineering Ambassadors

The Engineering Ambassadors are the student representatives of Penn State's College of Engineering. We desire to share with others our awesome experiences as students pursuing the goal of becoming World Class Engineers. We seek to connect with middle and high school students, prospective students and their families, alumni, industry partners, and the community. We hope to inspire others to see the amazing opportunities in the engineering field and Penn State's College of Engineering just as we do.

Our goal is connect people with Penn State's College of Engineering. You'll find us giving presentations and tours on campus to prospective engineering students and families. You'll find us in middle and high schools educating students on the importance of engineering to the health, happiness, and safety of our world. We hope that our presentations and programs play a role in Changing the Conversation that students are having about engineering. And you can connect with us on the web via our website, our Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter. Have any questions about being an engineering student at Penn State? Post your question on our Facebook page and an Ambassador will reply to you. Be sure to "like" our page so we can keep you updated on what Penn State engineering students are up to!

Do you have questions about or want to schedule an event with the Penn State Engineering Ambassadors? Please contact Lori Miraldi, Director of the Engineering Ambassadors Program. She can be reached at lorimiraldi@psu.edu.

Katie Tice presents to prospective students
and families during Spend a Summer Day.

Danielle DaSilva gives a visiting student
group a tour of the College of Engineering.