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Lori Miraldi, Director
Penn State Engineering


Thank you for your interest in the Penn State Engineering Ambassadors. This program reflects the very best characteristics and talent of the College of Engineering by conducting engaged outreach activities through an exceptional group of engineering students. Our members are actively sought out for multiple opportunities by employers, university faculty, College of Engineering staff, and secondary educators. Each year, the Penn State Engineering Ambassadors reach over 10,000 students and families during recruiting, mentoring, presentation, and retention activities. Additionally, the Penn State Engineering Ambassadors have an integral role in training other Engineering Ambassadors at colleges and universities throughout the nation. If you have any questions about the program, are interested in supporting it, or want to schedule an event, please contact me via email at

For more information on the communications techniques utilized by the Penn State Engineering Ambassadors, please visit the following website: Assertion-Evidence Approach.


Penn State Engineering Ambassadors
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