Industry Sponsors

The Penn State Engineering Ambassadors are appreciative that the contributions and talents of our organization have been recognized by several leading companies through industry partnership. The support and partnership of these companies with the Engineering Ambassadors provides unparalleled networking opportunities which allow Ambassadors to establish a unique relationship with these industry leaders.

The Engineering Ambassadors are very grateful for the support that these companies have shown for STEM outreach and the professional development of the next generation of leaders in the engineering field.

Is your company interested in sponsoring the Penn State Engineering Ambassadors?

The Engineering Ambassadors are a select group of the most talented engineering student leaders on campus! The Ambassadors have diverse academic and extracurricular backgrounds and are highly trained in effective communication and leadership skills. Engineering Ambassadors routinely give presentations to varied audiences and are extremely adept at handling complex communication situations and working effectively in a variety of teams. The experiences provided through being an Engineering Ambassador, coupled with the outstanding engineering education at Penn State, uniquely position and prepare Ambassadors to be immediate leaders and contributors to the companies that they choose to work for.

If you company is interested in having the opportunity to network and recruit Engineering Ambassadors through sponsorship and support of our activities, please contact Lori Miraldi, Director of the Engineering Ambassadors Program at

Al Brockett, Vice President of Engineering for Pratt & Whitney talks
with Engineering Ambassadors Katie Kirsch and Kim Harrison about
summer internship opportunities with United Technologies Corporation.