Penn State Engineering Ambassador Spencer Seipt width=
Spencer Seipt

Engineering Science
Class of 2017

Hometown: Lansdale, PA

High School: North Penn

Extracurricular Activities: The Pennharmonics A Capella Group, IM Sports

Internship/Co-op/Research Experience: Penn State REU Program, Pratt & Whitney Internship

Why did you choose to come to Penn State? I am in the fourth generation of Penn Staters in my family. I have been going to football games since before I can remember, and I always knew I wanted to go here. Also, I knew I wanted to be an engineer, and Penn State's engineering program is highly respected.

What has been your best memory as an engineering student? I have experienced a lot in the past few years through the college of engineering, and I think my favorite experience so far was working for the Penn State Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. It gave me my first taste of a professional work environment, while teaching me how to engage with both faculty and employees. It also taught me a lot about how to organize research into a coherent product.

What advice would you give a first-year engineer? Don't get discouraged. The courses will be harder than anything you've taken before, and some may seem pointless. Once you make it through the beginning, so many doors will open up for you. Penn State engineers are highly sought after by so many companies, and if you work hard here at school, you will be given opportunities you never imagined.

What do you plan to do after graduation? Work for Pratt & Whitney to develop and test jet engines.

What has been your best experience outside of engineering at Penn State? My favorite experience outside of engineering has been my involvement with my a capella group, The Pennharmonics. We perform at a variety of different venues, including homecoming events, tailgates, college avenue on football weekends, and even competitions. It's been great to stay musically involved while still working towards a career in engineering.