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Holly Shearin

Industrial Engineering
Class of 2018

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

High School: Shaler Area HS

Extracurricular Activities: THON, IISE, No Refund Theatre, The Navigators

Internship/Co-op/Research Experience: Internship: United States Postal Service Operations Industrial Engineering Intern in San Diego, CA

Why did you choose to come to Penn State? I came to Penn State because of the endless opportunities offered here. Both of my older siblings went here and I could see the bond they shared by calling Penn State their home, so I wanted to have a bond with them too. It was reassuring to know that as big of a school as PSU is, I could still make it my own and have my own unique experiences and always be able to try something new.

What has been your best memory as an engineering student? My favorite memory as an engineering student has definitely been taking advantage of all of the opportunities I've had to mentor younger engineering students, through programs such as EON and WEP. I love helping others and being able to share my experiences with younger students, so that they can also be successful and have that relationship of someone they can look up to and ask for help.

What advice would you give a first-year engineer? My advice is to be open-minded and become involved. Being a first-year engineering student can be a little overwhelming at times, but the more you open yourself up and allow yourself to try new things that you might not have ever thought of doing will allow you to grow and learn more about yourself than you could have ever imagined. Your first year is meant for exploration and I encourage all first year students to take advantage of the opportunities we have at Penn State to get involved in the dozens of engineering societies and clubs offered. Making those connections will pay off and you will have a lot of fun doing it!

What do you plan to do after graduation? I would like to do a bit of traveling to Thailand and New Zealand, and I then I hope to pursue and IE career in industry.

What has been your best experience outside of engineering at Penn State? THON is definitely where I found my home at Penn State. I have been involved on the internal side for the past three years: 2 years as a Dancer Relations committee member, and this year as a Finance Captain. Coming together every year to fight alongside so many different people has been such an eye-opening experience, as well as introducing me to some of my best friends.