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Zachary Jansma

Chemical Engineering
Class of 2017

Hometown: Murrysville, PA

High School: Franklin Regional Senior High

Extracurricular Activities: Snowboarding, music, running and biking

Internship/Co-op/Research Experience: Kimberly Clark Co-op, Albemarle Intern, and research under Professor Manish Kumar

Why did you choose to come to Penn State? Besides the amazing engineering program, I really enjoyed all the people that I met before I came up as a student. I had the opportunity the spend a lot of time on campus to meet students and professors. Everyone was extremely helpful and willing to sit down and talk with me about anything. It's a great community, and one that I'm glad to say I am a part of.

What has been your best memory as an engineering student? I really enjoyed my time during internships and Co-ops. They gave me an opportunity to travel around the US and explore what I wanted to do once I graduated.

What advice would you give a first-year engineer? Always make sure to take time out of your day to do something you love. Sometimes engineering can get stressful, so its important to take some time out for yourself - read a book, do some yoga, just enjoy yourself for a little bit.

What do you plan to do after graduation? I will be working for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Philadelphia as an Associate in Forensic Technology services.

What has been your best experience outside of engineering at Penn State? I really enjoyed the IM soccer teams that I was part of - we weren't the best at soccer, but we had a lot of fun playing!