photoIt is broadly acknowledged that there is a widening gap between the number of graduates that are qualified for entry level jobs in lighting and the demand from industry. It is also recognized that there are not enough institutions of higher education that offer programs of study in lighting to meet the demand, which can be partially attributed to the lack of qualified educators. Project CANDLE views this an an opportunity!

Project CANDLE is a mechanism for an ongoing dialog between the lighting education and professional communities. It specifically focuses on ensuring that the learning activities undertaken at Penn State -- inclusive of teaching, research, service, and outreach -- are well aligned with lighting industry priorities. The activities that make up Project CANDLE are guided by a committed group of faculty, practicing professionals, and students.

Some of our activities include: travel awards that expose students to the career opportunities in lighting and encourage interaction between students and professionals; the mentorship of a future lighting educator through the IALD Future Lighting Educator Fellowship; an annual Lighting Industry Advisory Group (LIAG) Roundtable; outreach to high school students.