Student Opportunities

photoStudents have the opportunity to participate in a range of professional development activities. The activities are always fun, and always complementary to the core lighting curriculum. 


Travel Awards

Travel stipends are awarded to allow lighting students to attend professional society events such as the IALD Annual Conference and Lightfair International.  As is a common theme throughout Project CANDLE, these travel awards create opportunities for interaction between professionals and students. The travel awards enable students to experience the community of lighting professionals, while allowing professionals to get to know the emerging professionals. Such face-to-face communication has proven to be invaluable for all involved. Additionally, the travel awards facilitate the transition into the profession and encourage participation in professional societies upon graduation.


Light Lunch

Project CANDLE sponsors a bi-weekly Light Lunch. Drinks and dessert are supplied and students bring their own lunch.  Light Lunch is a time for students and faculty to casually discuss issues & news within the lighting industry that is not covered in the classroom. Light Lunch allows us to enjoy each others company outside of the ordinary protocol of university classes.

In Fall 2010 we will be meeting in 305 Engineering Unit B from 12 - 1 PM bi-monthly on Thursdays. Join us!


Architectural Engineering Senior/MAE Project Mentorship

The AE Senior Project is a year-long project that facilitates the students’ transitions to professional practice. The e-Studio places professionals' names in an option-specific database (i.e. structural, mechanical, lighting/electrical, construction) that is linked to an option-specific discussion board. The discussion board is set up to send e-mails directly to the participants’ inbox such that when students post questions, the subscribers receive an email. By replying to the e-mail, the student questions are answered and automatically posted to the discussion board. This e-mail based discussion board has proven to be an effective method of interaction between students and professionals.


Professional Networking

Students have the opportunity to interact directly with professionals through travel awards, the e-Studio, the Lighting Industry Advisory Group (LIAG) Annual Meeting, and on special projects. These relationships assist in the transition from academia to professional practice, and often lead to internship and job opportunities. Project CANDLE presents students with direct access to a community of professionals, granting invaluable guidance as students determine their career path, while also presenting Project CANDLE partners with direct access to the talented pool of Penn State students.