photoLight is fabulous. It renders what we see with highlights, sparkle, shading, shadows, and glitter. Light can make a surface shimmer, an object glow, and a room feel just right.

Architecture is fabulous. Or at least it can be when harmoniously complemented with light. Great architecture does more than provide a place to live, or work, or play. It lifts the soul, and light helps make that happen.

Light and architecture, or more broadly, light and the built environment, is the common passion of those involved in Project CANDLE. We see the tremendous opportunities to serve society through applied lighting. Great lighting balances energy use, sustainability, beauty, safety, psychology, and health.

Project CANDLE brings together students, lighting professionals, and faculty. What we do is part design, part technology, part feeling. It is art and science. We value both sides of the brain. We have fun. We would love to share with you our passion for light.


Kevin Houser

       Kevin W. Houser, PhD, PE, LC, LEED AP