Why Partner with Project CANDLE?photo

Interaction and visibiliity with top students

Project CANDLE provides the opportunity to directly interact and develop relationships with some of the brightest emerging professionals that are studying lighting.  Participation in Project CANDLE improves business visibility among these students, creating a distinction from other firms and companies.

Advance the lighting industry

Project CANDLE supports a quality environment for high-level interaction and impact regarding the strategic direction of the lighting industry through collaboration between industry professionals, lighting faculty, and students. Knowledge of emerging issues and technologies are examined through discussion and participation in research experiments.

Students: Why work for a Project CANDLE partner?

Project CANDLE partners demonstrate a strong commitment to the lighting industry and to the AE program. The annual monetary support and investment of time enhances the education of AE program graduates and sends a strong message about the culture and commitment of the companies involved. The transition from academia to industry is improved when relationships are built, expectations are more transparent, and a strong support network is in place. These factors make it more likely that first year employees will be able to meaningfully contribute to the success of a company.


How do I partner with Project CANDLE?

Contact Dr. Kevin Houser at or by phone at (814)863-3555.