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Technician Certification Program

On-Line Registration FAQs


Asphalt Plant Level 2 Technician Certification Card – Initial or Renewal Application

This option allows you to apply for either your initial asphalt plant level 2 certification card OR your asphalt plant level 2 certification card renewal.

Please refer to PennDOT Publication 351 to verify that you meet all of the necessary requirements to obtain or renew your certification card prior to registration.

For an Initial Asphalt Plant Level 2 Card, successful completion of the Superpave Volumetric Mix Design Workshop within the past three years is required.

To renew an Asphalt Plant Level 2 card, the following items MUST be included in your online application.

1. Experience: 500 hours of asphalt mixture plant experience within the past five years.
2. Your first Learning Activity: One NECEPT plant update refresher within the past five years.
3. Your second Learning Activity: One of the following learning activities containing at least six hours of asphalt-related content within the past five years.
      A. A second NECEPT plant update refresher (taken in a different year than the first update refresher)
      B. An approved learning activity listed in Pub 351
      C. A pre-approved learning activity not specifically listed in Pub 351. Please submit an agenda for review and pre-approval IF it does not appear on the Evaluated 2nd Learning Activities.

If you are applying for an asphalt plant level 2 certification card renewal, carefully select the month and year that your current card expires to ensure that your card is issued with the correct dates.

An electronic approval signature from an authorized PennDOT or PTC representative is required for your certification renewal. Please select the representative that will best know your work experience and history.

Only one course number can be selected in each order. Multiple people can be registered for the same course.

Quantity MUST equal the number of people registering in this order.

  Quantity Course Description Cost

(202484)   Asphalt Plant Level 2 Technician

Certification Renewal or Initial Card: April 2024

Course Date(s):

April 2024 Renewal OR Initial Certification