John M. Regan






Graduate Students
The graduate students working in my laboratory at the beginning of the Spring 2011 semester are:  Sok-Hee Jung, Hiroyuki Kashima, Lijiao Ren, Nick Rose, Arupananda Sengupta, Ignacio Vargas (post-doc), and Hengjing Yan.  Additional information on their research projects can be found on my research page.




Courses Taught at Penn State University

CE 370  Introduction to Environmental Engineering (3 cr)
CE 479  Environmental Microbiology Laboratory (1 cr; Fall semesters)
CE 497A Environmental Microbiology Topics (2 cr; Fall semesters)
CE 572  Biological Treatment Processes (3 cr; Spring semesters)

CE 591 Environmental Engineering Topics (1 cr literature review class, topic varies each semester)
CE 592 Environmental Engineering Seminar Series (1 cr)